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Thai lanna wellness danske penge

thai lanna wellness danske penge

Lanna Sports 60 min. The easiest way to refresh yourself! I am Interested Chocolate Honey Wrap Super hydrating therapy with rich chocolate and honey wrap to help give the skin a luminous glow. Dialect, festivals, architecture, dance AND distinctive cusine. Duration - 60 mins Yes! Contact Numbers : (020), (020), 41202020, our, services, corporate Gifting Coming Soon.

Thai lanna wellness danske penge - Thai, lanna, order

I am Interested Wine Facial Introducing the all new Wine Facial with its rejunative properties that fight free radicals and help maintain a youthful, soft and glowing skin. I am Interested Head Massage This is the dry Indian Head Massage which uses extremely relaxing strokes on the scalp to improve the blood circulation towards the hair roots to strengthen. It IS a bouquet of fine muscular manipulations stimulating the nervous system using kneading, tapping and picking movements, giving utmost relaxation. The warmth of the stones relaxes the deepest muscles in the feet. The first essential step towards beauty. A true organic experience! I am Interested Whitening Facial Give back that original look to your darkened and tanned skin with our special creamy-rich facial mask containing brightening complex leaving the skin glowing, luminous and soft. I am Interested Body Treatment A perfect gift for body 8z, soul, this deeply relaxing full body oil treatment with citrus massage oil, chocolate, wine honey scrub moisturizes and nourishes the skin life never before. Duration - 30min / 60mins Yes!

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Thai lanna wellness danske penge I am Interested Express Facial Get ready to experience beauty in quick time. I am Interested Wine Pedicure Well, your hands and feet may love to feast on it, too. It is an essential massage for people who do a lot of physical work and exercise. I am Interested Quenching Organic Facial Dip your face in the of splashes of pink hibiscus, rosewood, green papaya, jasmine, bamboo shoot and green tea satisfying your skins for nourishment.
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Liste männliche pornodarsteller größte hoden der welt It involves a series of stretching and massage strokes for tried feet. IT WAS THE first independent thai kingdom within THE fabled golden triangle AND enjoys ONE OF THE most distinctive cultural identities fisse og sex bording brugtbilcenter IN ALL OF thailand.

Thai lanna wellness danske penge - Thai, lanna

I am Interested, lanna Sports, deep Tissue Massage is quite a strong massage involving a lot work on muscles. Lanna Signature 60 min. It removes tightness soreness in the muscles and recharges oneself. Enjoy a fresh new feel and lively look in express time and get going. I am Interested, lanna Scents of the World, unwind yourself with a full body massage using a rich blend of essential oils. Thai Massage releases tension, increases vitality and creates wholeness of mind, body and spirit. Duration - 60mins Yes! THE people OF lanna have their OWN.

Thai lanna wellness danske penge - Roskilde

I am Interested, lanna Signature, this Traditional Thai Massage is an ancient system of healing with its roots in Yoga and Buddist spiritual practice. Indulge yourself in a nourishing honey and citrus therapy that includes mud mask citrus shower gel and honey with citrus massage oil. Duration - 30mins Yes! Duration' 60 min, Duration 90 min, Duration 120 min. Duration - 1 hour 30mins Yes! Duration' 90 min, Duration- 120 min, Duration' 180 min. Duration 60 mins Yes! Our specially developed aroma oil blend applied with the hot stones will allow the heat to relieve pain deep in your muscles without affecting your sensitive skin. I am Interested, premium Lanna Therapies, therapies, duration, lanna Relax 90 min, lanna Scents of the World 90 min Lanna Signature 90 min Lanna Sports 90 min Lanna Fusion Therapy A combination of traditional Thai and Swedish Aroma Oil Therapy. Duration - 45 mins Yes! I am Interested Back-Neck-Shoulder Massage A perfect answer for aching back, neck and shoulder, Squeezing, pressing and stretching movements releasing knots and aches in that parts. Lay back as the very life of your soul is stirred and a holistic and therapeutic thai massage starts at you pace deep, and intensely stimulating, invigorating all parts of the body, a wonderful form of relaxation with correct application of hands over body. I am Interested Foot Massages / thai lanna wellness danske penge Express Massages Massages Duration Foot Reflexology 30min / 60mins Thai Foot Massage 30min / 60mins Hot Stone Foot Massage 30min / 60 mins Kansa Foot Massage 60 mins Head Massage 60 mins Head, Neck Shoulder Massage 30 mins. Lanna thais traditional thai-style cooking embodies THE JOY OF eating; fresh AND flavorful, soft AND crunchy, sweet AND sour, spicy AND mellow. This unique and complete system of Yoga therapy combines rhythmic massage, acupressure, gentle twisting, deep stretching and meditation. TO lanna thai everett, welcome lanna thai restaurant IS named FOR THE lanna region, kingdom OF THE million rice fields. I am Interested Hot Stone Foot Massage Relax the aching and sore feet with basalt stones using the hot stone massage technique. Duration 60 min, Duration 90 min. I am Interested Nurturing Organic Facial An amazing way of nurturing the facial skin with pink hibiscus, rosewood, green papaya, bamboo shoot and neroli aroma oil. I am Interested, lanna Healings Stones, hot (lava I Basalt) stones are rich in magnesium and have great heat retaining ability. Duration - 60 min, Duration - 90 min. Address : Home » Spa Menu, body Massage, therapies, duration, lanna Relax 60 min. Lanna Healings Stones 60 min. The aroma oils relax the senses directly, giving you a deep meditating experience along-with a healing touch. Duration - 30 mins / 60mins Yes!

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